Manage liability.
Our clients in the area of labour law are mainly employers and managers. With the creation of work contracts as well as their modification and interpretation, we advise you on consensual termination of an employment relationship together with the conclusion and the content of termination agreements. In case of a dispute in court, we represent you in labour courts of all instances. We help you with the drafting of warnings as well as with the creation and modification of testimony proposals. If necessary, we can also work for you in special protection against dismissal. We can negotiate with integration offices and we represent you in all social welfare courts. In collective labour law, we help you with disputes with the work council and with the writing and interpretation of work agreements. Our services in collective bargaining law include interpretation of wage agreements as well as writing and modification of company wage agreements. If there needs to be conclusion of reconciliation agreements and social plans, we are here for you. Furthermore, we prepare operational changes and restructuring measures and we support you with its implementation. At the interface of corporate law, we advise and represent you in court in case of dispute with executive bodies such as board director and CEOs. We write employment contracts and can also modify them on your behalf. On the issue of company pension, we create pension schemes and we delve into questions of interpretation of company pension and existing pension entitlements.

Our services

in labour law.

Employment contracts and wage agreements, such as work time and remuneration models, company collective agreements

Service contract for managers

Industrial constitution law and codetermination

Operation restructuring (balance of interest, social plan)

Pension schemes

Commercial agency law